Aerimore 2

October 21st Session

The session started with Riardon and Hadaris learning that their father has been infected with a disease that is transmitted by an alien creature and has an extremely high mortality rate. Their father is expected to die within one week of contracting the disease.

The disease causes small, red crystalline growths to appear on the flesh and leads to loss of mind and eventually death.

Riardon has taken it upon himself to find a cure for the disease and believes that in collecting the fangs or claws from the host creature he can extract the disease and cure it.

Riardon then decides to garner assistance from his brother, Hadaris, who happens to be at one of his favorite haunts, the Golden Griffon. Hadaris is hesitant to join his brother in the quest as he is not the adventuring sort and strongly wishes to remain within the safety and stability of the temple. After speaking with his headmaster at the temple, he is instructed to go out and spread the faith. Hadaris grudgingly agrees to join Riardon.

Prior to the meeting with the headmaster, Riardon and Hadaris met a mysterious pair while exiting the Golden Griffon. One of the persons is Darius and the other remains to be named. The un-named figure instructs Darius that these two would be sufficient in assisting him in his quest which Darius finds to be quite inconvenient.

Darius then offers to pay either of the two brothers one thousand gold to stab the mysterious figure he is travelling with. The ensuing battle results in Riardon being stabbed by the mysterious man in full view of Sardis. Sardis arrives and offers assistance, but is indirectly installed into the party.

After the party is formed, they learn from the headmaster of the temple the alien creatures which cause this disease are found northeast of Thunderspire Mountain. The journey is expected to take them three days by foot. In learning this and knowing the looming timeframe, Darius casts Phantom Steed to assist.

The party rides throughout the first day and set up camp approximately six hours outside Thunderspire Mountain. While on watch, Riardon is awakened from his trance to the sounds of a large group travelling nearby. He wakes Darius and the two sneak up to the travellers. Upon arrival, the two find themselves faced with a raiding band consisting of one troll, four ogres, and ten orcs. Riardon then sneaks back to the camp to wake Sardis and Hadaris. Awakening, Hadaris makes a good deal of noise and the attack is made.

After a long and gruelling battle, the party is victorious and they are able to rest the remainder of the night without incident. After gathering their belongings, they proceed to search the remains of their enemies to find a large quantity of apparently stolen goods. Taking possession of these items, they continue on their journey to Thunderspire Mountain.

Arriving at Thunderspire Mountain, the group enters the Seven-Pillared Hall to find it in disarray. It seems the ruling mages have disappeared and the bronze warders, minotaur-shaped golems who once protected the mages, have gone berserk. The warders have ransacked homes and killed several citizens who have tried to impede their search. Because of these attacks, many people have fled the Hall with the few remaining only because they have no other option. In speaking to a few of the citizens who remain the party learns that the alien beings are found approximately two hours travel northeast of the mountain.



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