Aerimore, the land of mystery.

Little is known of the time before this new dark age. The world itself was ripped asunder several centuries ago, but few, if any, know the true reason behind the violence of the world as all knowledge of the past aeons has been lost. Regardless, the scars remain and run deep.

Whatever catastrophe befell this world, the result is quite clear. Nations fell and only the most fortunate have been blessed with the ability to scratch their living and begin the long, arduous process of reconstruction. Ruins lay across the world as a grim reminder of the glory that the world once held, but no record remains of that history. Ancient cities lay vacant as giant cemeteries of a world long since forgotten. Even the geography of this world is a mystery that few are granted the ability to unlock. Explorers are needed. The mystery must to be solved for this world to grow.

Aerimore 2

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