Oct 21 Session

Hadaris’s Journal

First Journal Entry:

I’ve decided to start a journal. I’ve avoided adventuring because it seems be the common denominator for the disappearances in all the clergy as they approached their retirement.

This strange town was all but abandoned. The head master of the temple in scene 35 looked oddly reminicent of the random townsfolk that we met when we first entered the city. Strangely in scene 38 we entered the Seven-Pillared Hall and met the same man from scene 35 but was now wearing different clothes. I asked him about this strange phenomenon, to which he said that, “I will not confirm nor deny the rumors that there has been a mass exodus caused by the bronze warders, bronze golems and berserker cows, but I assure you that I am not running around to every place you visit and dressing as a different person. That would just be absurd.”

Between all three of the men we met, they all seemed to thing mentioned that aliens might be the cause of the disease. This is absurd, who would believe in Aliens? Are we now to believe in the Tooth Fairy or Leprechaun’s?

It is a 3 day journey by foot to our destination and I expect our father to be able father to be about a week more. Darius summoned a big red dog and urged all of us to mount on his back. Surprisingly, the weiner dog proved to cut our travel time by The limit, as x approaches –∞, of f(x) or simply 9. Good job Darius.

What happened during our journey could have turned out very bad for us. Fortunately I have a great brother that looks out for me. I wonder what would have happened if he wasn’t there to watch my back.

I suppose that it would have gone something like this.

At the end of the first day, Riardon is awakened from his trance by the sounds of footsteps. He wakes Darius and they both stealth up to the source of the interruption.

“Hey Darius, I’ve been thinking that this would be a good time to ditch my bro. I get the feeling that he really is worthless.”

Darius, “I agree, I thought he might be helpful, but useful as a poopy flavored lollipop is the phrase that comes to mind when I assess his adventuring prowess.”

Riardon, “Well let’s just let these trolls finish them off. I’ll be able to save face in my hometown if I can say that he was eaten by trolls. I’ll just sneak back to camp and grab a few things and we’ll leave them here.”

Darius, “What about that swordmage? He seems like a man with a deathwish.”

Riardon, “I get the same feeling, I mean, why did he so quickly attached himself to our group. Is he running from the law, has his killed someone?”

Darius, “Let’s leave him as insurance. If the trolls don’t get him, he’ll probably slit Hadaris’s throat in his sleep and you’ll still be less one useless brother.”

[Riardon slips back into camp to recover his backpack. He steps on a twig waking both Hadaris and Sardis.]

Riardon, “{deep sarcasm in his voice}Oh hey guys. Um, there is a small army of trolls coming so we should leave.”

[While Riardon and Hadaris begin their escape, the swordmage Sardis readies his weapon and prepares to take on an army of trolls and ogres by himself. Looked something like this (the green guys would be the trolls]
Funny one man army labeled

Hadaris, “Shouldn’t we go back there and help that guy who’s name we don’t even know his name yet?”

Darius, “Er, uh, sure yeah. {Sarcasm again} YOU should definitely go back there. Don’t worry about anything.”

There rest is history, my brother left me alone to fight 5 trolls and ogres. Then I went to where he told me to go, and was alone fighting 2 giant ogres. I’m just not sure how this whole adventuring thing works. I suppose that Darius my brother was just conditioning me for battle. This is really just absurd to even think this could have happened this way, I’m sure he was watching over me the entire time.

Oct 21 Session

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